Non-Partner Listing

The information listed on (“Website”/ “We”/ “Us”) is intended to assist people to connect to the venue owners, vendors, service providers and other third parties (“Vendors”) in respect of the services and products offered by the Vendors for wedding functions, corporate events or any other kind of event. While some venue owners are our official partners and are provided with premium services, we also list other venue owners, vendors (“Non-Partner Vendors”) based on the public
information without charging any service fee.

By listing on the Website, the Non-Partner Vendors receives the customer leads for the events and the customer can directly
reach to the Non-Partner Vendors. The Non-Partner Vendors also have an option to list themselves with Us for the premium
services including, listing on a premium spot, organizing promotional activities, help with corporate booking. In the event any Non- Partner Vendor wishes to opt-out from the Website listing, they may inform Us in writing at INFO@WEBANQUETS.IN for removing the listing. We will delist the Non-Partner Vendor from the Website.

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